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Welcome to Chiropractic of Las Vegas. We are located in beautiful Las Vegas, Nevada. Our Chiropractors are skilled, dedicated and ready to help with all of your chiropractic needs.

The question then becomes to those searching for a Chiropractor within the Las Vegas Valley how do I choose the best chiropractor for me and my specific needs? If you have back pain, neck pain or stiffness in your joints and have tried spinal decompression in Las Vegas, Nevada and were not happy with the results, call us today.

The answer is simple. At Chiropractic of Las Vegas we truly make an attempt to isolate the specific condition or ailment that you suffer from, and use the years of our expertise within the Chiropractic Field to find a safe and effective treatment.

About Us

As a expert Chiropractors in the Las Vegas valley, we do not just treat the symptoms (e.g. neck pain, back pain, joint stiffness, pain, etc.) we look for the root cause and treat the problem.

Our goal, as your Chiropractor, is to work with your body, isolate the source of the neck pain, back pain, etc, and through the use of bio-mechanics assist your body in doing what it does best and naturally, heal. To us you are more than a patient you are a member of our family.


"What a great staff! I feel so much better after a series of sessions. My back feels practically like new now, and my hip is back in place so the pain is starting to decrease!

Metta - Client

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There are several different conditions or ailments which may have lead you to our site.

We often see patients suffering from conditions such as neck and back pain and stiffness, stiffness in joints and conditions related to auto accidents and work injuries. Our Chiropractors also work on strengthening and core stabilization, as well as rehabilitation.

What is Chiropractic?

Chiropractic Physicians are trained in the science, art and philosophy of manipulation (commonly referred to as adjustments) of the human body.

The Chiropractors at Chiropractic of Las Vegas are chiropractors that offer evaluation and treatments that are directed at evaluating the cause of the problem through structural analysis of the musculo-skeletal systems of the body.

Abnormal function of these systems can lead to abnormal function of the body’s nervous system, which in turn may affect function of other systems in the body. Treatment is then rendered with the goal of restoring normal function via manipulating (adjusting) areas exhibiting abnormal structure.



Chiropractic of Las Vegas offers Las Vegas residents three types of care; initial intensive care, corrective care and elective or wellness care.

What we treat

  • lower back pain
  • upper back pain
  • shoulder pain
  • numbness in fingers
  • numbness in feet
  • stiff neck
  • car accident recover
  • other spine issues

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Living with daily pain can be an impossible task. Let our experienced Chiropractors at the office of Chiropractic of Las Vegas help you regain a productive and pain free lifestyle. Contact our office using the information in this section:

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